Office Location

Internships Ireland’s offices are located in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, where we are ideally situated to provide a diverse and interesting cultural mix for students staying in Dublin. It’s mild climate, extensive nightlife and diverse range of commerce and industry make it an interesting place for work, study, rest, social life and inter-cultural exchange. Dublin is an eclectic mix of the busy city centre, outlying village-like communities and huge suburban estates all melting together into one big metropolitan sprawl.

Most visitors are drawn to the walkable center (roughly defined by Parnell Square to the North, St Stephen’s Green to the South, Custom House to the East and the cathedrals to the West), with only excursions to the Phoenix Park or St James’ Gate (Guinness) taking him or her out of this small area.

However even in this compact part, nearly all aspects of Dublin life can be seen, from the hustle and bustle of the ultra-modern IFSC or Grafton Street (a shopper’s haven) to the Georgian splendor of Merrion Square to the utilitarian office blocks placed between here and the Liffey, and including cobbled sidestreets, magnificent parks, stately (and mostly state-owned) buildings and seemingly millions of young people. Add to this language students (pre-dominately from France, Italy and Spain) as well as sightseeing tourists and you will appreciate that Dublin is best described as “busy”. Under no circumstances should the visitor expect a quaint and quiet, old fashioned town (though all these attributes can be applied to certain parts of Dublin too).

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