Service Commitment

Internships Ireland is committed to providing quality internships and service that is second to none. We are determined to deliver the best to all our clients, partners and education providers alike.

We achieve our commitment to you through:

• Regular Follow up: Each intern is issued with an Internship Program Supervisor, who will contact interns every 2 to 4 weeks by phone during the internship.
• Monthly social/intern meetings – Interns have the opportunity to meet and interact with other interns at monthly intern nights in Dublin.
• Emergency Support: Internships Ireland provides a support line for emergencies that may arise outside of office hours.
• Communication: We have an “open door” policy which means that ALL Employees, Participants, Partners and Students are able to discuss matters of concern without having to make an appointment.
• Ongoing Training: All of our staff regularly attend training seminars for the purpose of updating and improving their skills for the benefit of both our Partners and Students.

Here at Internships Ireland we are proud of the service that we offer and we are committed to continually improving these services.

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