How to find out more?

For more information contact Internships Ireland by email or call +353 1 8395546.

What clothes do I need to bring for my placement?

You need to bring smart formal clothes for your placement. Jeans and trainers are not allowed. You should bring a few neat,

Where can I get an Irish sim card for my mobile phone during my internship?

There are several shops where our trainees buy prepaid sim cards in Ireland. Our staff will be glad to advise you when

Should I open a bank account in Ireland?

For most of the trainees there is no need to open a bank account in Ireland. Opening a bank account in Ireland

What if I need help?

At Internships Ireland we are available to answer your questions and provide you with guidance and support including a mobile hotline number

Do I have free time?

Yes, of course you have free time. Most interns work Monday to Friday, normal working hours. They have evenings and weekends to