How to find out more ?

For more information contact Internships Ireland by email or call +353 1 8395546. You can alsoregister your interest online now and we

Can I travel during my internship ?

Yes, there are many beautiful places ready to discover all over Ireland and most destinations are within easy reach to spend a

Local Irish Transport ?

If you need to use the bus you just get on a bus and pay when you are on the bus. If

What if my Plane, Train or Bus is delayed and I arrive later than expected ?

Before you leave your own country you should have been given an Emergency telephone number. All you need to do is make

Travelling to Ireland ?

Before you book your flight check how much it will cost you to travel to your destination.

Traveling Questions and Answers

This section deals with questions you may have, as a student, looking for more information about travel to and within Ireland.