Host Orginisation Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions for Host Companies.  This section deals with questions you may have as a host company curious about taking interns from other countries or looking for more information about what exactly is involved and why such a programme actually exists.

If you have never taken interns from another country before please read on for further details. We are also very happy to answer any of your queries in person.

Become a Host Organisation
An Internship is a method for host companies to take on extra staff in the form of undergraduates students for a period of time free of charge. Although this is not commonly done in Ireland, many European countries have benefitted from these programs for a long time. An internship placement is bringing enthusiastic young staff to the front line of companies at no extra cost while the individuals (students) gain invaluable work experience which is an essential part of their educational requirements.
The students Internships Ireland provide can assist with administration, market research, business development support and many other significant or routine job functions.Students can undertake projects for which no-one else has the time within the business. They can help develop export markets with their language skills. They are intelligent, highly educated, enthusiastic, keen and hard working. The process of hosting an intern is flexible, convenient and very cost effective. There is no ‘red tape’ and it allows you to up or down-size easily.
In order to obtain their qualifications it is mandatory to conduct an internship abroad, in Ireland for example. They seek to develop and enhance their linguistic capabilities and gain valuable relevant experience for their future careers. Furthermore, they are interested in experiencing the “Irish way of Life” both in business and socially.
We collaborate with the most suitable universities, private business schools and business colleges across Europe, where we promote your placement opportunity to undergraduates. We then select students for you who fit your requirements and who are interested in working for you in Ireland. We research the roles or tasks in which your business needs support together with the essential facts about your company. We also assist you with any paperwork or administration that requires completion. In short Internships Ireland takes care of everything in order to make life as simple as possible for you.  We can also recruit a replacement student to continue the work of his/her predecessor if desired.
There is no charge for Internships Ireland’s introduction service. We are interested in acquiring new contacts within the business community which will offer quality work experience opportunities to our students. However we do encourage that you assist your students whilst on placement with you. This can be in the form of travel expenses, lunch, and/or accommodation assistance, which is all at your discretion.
Yes ! Some undergraduates want to work in small local businesses, others in large international corporations. We work with all types of businesses from small, medium-size to large, across most industries. All you need to do is provide a reasonable work environment and ask them to carry out tasks which are of benefit to your business and are appropriate to their field of studies, intellect and experience.
Internships Ireland have well established relationships with successful universities, colleges and private business schools throughout Europe from where students apply. We personally interview and vet candidates prior to submitting their applications to you, which saves you considerable time and resources. We fully understand the student’s requirements and can guide you accordingly. We also offer advise in all aspects of intern management, training and motivation where required.
You can simply terminate the internship at any time, without notice or penalty and send them home. However before pursing to this route we always encourage both parties to try and resolve their differences with a view to completing the internship successfully. Failing that we will endeavour to locate a replacement for you as swiftly as possible.
The universities and business colleges we work with in Europe all have different periods when their students undertake internships abroad, which are spread throughout the year. From your first instructions we could have an undergraduate with you in as little as 2-3 weeks, although 1-2 months is more common. The more notice you give us the better for you as it gives us more time for indepth research on your behalf.
The duration of internships varies, however most programs tend to last from 6 weeks to 6 months. However in some cases an internship can run up to 12 months. The exact duration of the internship will be dependant upon both the student’s program and the host organisation’s requirements.
There are no limits to the number of interns you may decide to have at any one time as long as all interns have clearly defined assignments and they add value to your business whilst increasing their level of business experience.
Host Companies are not obliged to pay the interns, however many companies elect to cover the cost of transport to and from work, lunch expenses and in some cases offer a small remuneration as a measure of their appreciation.
Many students are eligible for grants and scholarships to support their overseas internships via local schemes or EU based programs with the objective of supporting and enhancing students’ interactivity between European countries. Others are self-funded through the aid of their families or from their own resources.
All must have a reasonable fluency and most will speak very good English.
Interns are required to be treated as ordinary members of staff.
Most interns only come to Ireland, once they have been confirmed and accepted, to start their internships. The most commonly used method is by phone, which gives the host company the opportunity to talk to the intern and verify their level of English before arrival.
Simply contact us to discuss your needs and specify the student that best suits your exact requirements. We would also be very happy to meet you if you have more indeth questions. Just let us know what suits you best.
For more information contact Internships Ireland by email or call +353 1 8395546.