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This section deals with some job application tips for students including writing your CV (curriculum vitae) and application letter. Most companies only ask for the applicant’s CV and cover letter. The CV generally lists all your skills and competencies, while the motivational letter explains how these skills can be of use for the internship company.

CV & application letter

Your letter is your first step in showing a specific company what you can do and how this of beneficial value to them. You must keep in mind that application letters should be brief and to the point and only 1 page.

1. State that you’re applying for in an internship.
2. Develop your qualifications in detail. Be specific about what you’ve done; relate your achievements to the work you’d be able to do in an internship.
3. Proof read the letter carefully several times to make sure it’s flawless. Errors are to be avoided as it suggests carelessness. Be enthusiastic and apply a lively, energetic style that makes you sound like a real person.
4. End on a positive, forward looking note; tell them when you’ll be available to begin the internship.

A CV is your personal card and offers a company a first impression of your qualifications and capabilities. The Europass CV is a European initiative and a recommended and proven standard where every person can specify his/her qualifications and skills.


Being accepted for an interview is the first success of your internship application. During the interview the key elements to remember and prepare for are as follows:
1. Give specifics to prove each of your strengths.
2. Pick one or two accomplishments and explain in detail how you achieved these and focus on the problem solving and thinking skills that made the achievement possible.
3. Make sure you come across as energetic, enthusiastic and motivated. Companies like nothing more than people who really want to work for them.
4. Be flexible, companies need to be assured you are prepared to become involved and take responsibility for whatever projects and/or assignments they choose to delegate to you.

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