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Internships Ireland is dedicated to developing and implementing innovate and creative internship programs and forging strong relationships with industry leaders and educational partners in Ireland and overseas. Through those relationships, Internships Ireland can provide the best internships opportunities to students, educational institutions and industry. Our global partnerships range from Language Schools and Educational Institutions to Government Offices and Private Enterprises.

Internships Ireland works with companies that are familiar with the requirements of an undergraduate’s Internship. Through these companies, students gain international experience in a safe and monitored fashion and improve their level of English together with learning about the Irish culture.

We understand the importance of matching the students’ qualifications with the company’s requirements so both parties benefit. Furthermore, we are at hand to assist the students throughout their stay in Ireland be it with the internships themselves and/or any other issues related to living in Ireland, should the need arise.

Placement agreement

After a student has located an appropriate placement, an Internship Agreement (Convention de Stage, Praktikumsvereinbarung, Accordo di Tirocinio, Acuerdo de Prácticas) officially confirms that the placement is approved by you as a part of a student’s curriculum. It states the job description and dates of the placement and is signed by you, the professional partner, the undergraduate and the host business. The student remains enrolled in your institution for the whole duration of the placement.

All EU undergraduates and recent graduates with a valid EU passport are open to apply. Non-EU students must verify what visa applications are needed allowing them to carry out an internship in Ireland as part of their studies. The undergraduate must be covered by an internship contract for the entire duration of the internship through its home institution.

Internships Ireland offers Internship programmes throughout most sectors as listed below:
• Human Resources
• Secretarial & Administration
• Information Technology
• Sales & Marketing
• Manufacturing
• Import – export, foreign trade
• Engineering
• Graphic Design & Web Design
• Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
• Tourism & Leisure
• Hotel, Catering & Hospitality
• Communications
• Accounting, Finance & Banking
• Ecology & Environmental
• Education
… plus many more

Individual & group bookings

We accept both individual and group bookings via our partners. In relation to groups, we can assemble a tailor-made programme to suit your unique requirements in particular for EU sponsored programmes with a view to increasing the student mobility between European countries.

Locating a suitable internship host

Once the booking has been made for an internship, we seek to secure a suitable host organisation immediately within a timeframe of a few days to a few weeks depending upon the sector and the type internship required. However, the more time we are given to source a suitable option for the student, the better. Our mission is to secure internships within the students’ preferred areas.

Internship remuneration

Internships in Ireland are typically unpaid, however, some companies will provide other benefits such as local transport expenses and cover the cost of lunch.


In terms of accommodation, students have the option of staying with host families, which we can arrange, renting short-terms apartments (house-sharing) or staying in a hostel, whichever suits best. We are at hand to provide advice and recommendations.

Dispute reconciliation

Should a problem arise between the intern and the host company, we seek to mediate the incident resulting in an amicable resolution with the objective of the student successfully completing the internship. However, should the internship be cut short by either the student or the host company, we will thoroughly examine the situation and seek out a new internship for the intern.

Intern support

Internships Ireland offers continuous support for the students throughout their internships in Ireland. Students are able to contact us by email and phone for support at any time, in particular in the event of emergencies. Internships Ireland also monitors the progress of the internship with the host companies and the students to ensure that both parties are content and that expectations are met.

How to find out more ?

For more information contact Internships Ireland by email or call +353 1 8395546.

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