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Internships Ireland brings you a unique, flexible and quite unbeatable solution to your staffing requirements. We supply European undergraduates to fill a great variety of roles and, importantly, to provide Irish businesses with high quality staff at exceptionally low costs. All candidates are vetted to ensure their academic background and experience is relevant to your vacancy and that they have a good command of English. They are also assessed to ensure they have the right motivation and personality for the position available.


High calibre, convenient & cost effective

Irish employers can enjoy substantial cost reductions when compared with employing staff by conventional means because undergraduates in the EU are required to work in business as an essential element of their courses and the majority have English as a second language.

The employer is exempt from many of the costs and complications of current employment legislation because these candidates are classed as being in training.

Employers benefit from graduate-quality staff whilst the undergraduates gain work experience which is essential to complete their degree. It’s a win:win symbiotic relationship.

• How are interns are selected ?
• How does it all work, an overview ?
• Which sectors can benefit form internship ?


How interns are selected

Interested students submit an application in their home country and, if their application meets the right criteria, are invited for interview. The initial assessment looks at such aspects as flexibility, positive attitude, ability to cope with a foreign culture and competence in English.

Students are then introduced to the intership provider and the internship will begin. Students are required to report their progress to both Internships Ireland and the agent in their home country. Internships Ireland acts as the first point of contact for both host organisations, partners and students. On completion of their Internships, students return home having increased their vocational skills, broadened their pratical experience and improved their use of the English Language.


How it all works – an overview

The EU allocates funding to all Member States to help improve the flow of information and work-based skills between business and Universities/Colleges within Europe. The funding is allocated via projects. Two of those projects are known as the “Leonardo da Vinci” and “Comenius” Vocational Mobility Projects.

These projects substantially cover the costs of funding students and young people as “interns” in EU businesses, both private and public sectors, for periods of up to 12 months. In this way, internships can be facilitated without burdening participating employers with wage or accommodation costs.

Organisations such as Internships Ireland are contracted to arrange suitable internship opportunities for their Irish clients. Our task is to match the skills and expectations of EU students with the needs of local employers. We ensure that internships proceed smoothly and are advantageous to both employers and interns. We also provide 24 hour support to all our students.


Which sector can benefit from internships ?

Interships can be made available in most sectors.
• Human Resources
• Secretarial & Administration
• Information Technology
• Sales & Marketing
• Manufacturing
• Import/Export, Foreign Trade
• Engineering
• Graphics & Design & Web Design
• Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
• Tourism & Leisure
• Hotel, Catering & Hospitality
• Communications
• Accounting, Finance & Banking
• Ecology and Environmental
• Education
• … plus many more

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