Language Classes

English lessons help prepare you for a rewarding work experience. All interns are required to have sufficient English language skills for effective workplace communication. Are you interested in improving your English while gaining practical work experience in Ireland ? Internships Ireland can help you.

Through our language school partners, we offer English lessons, English coursework, and English translations taught by native speakers largely from Ireland. The one on one English courses are designed to help you learn the English language through verbal, written and interactive activities for all learning levels.

Some of the English learning activities include:
• Pronunciation
• Listening
• Speaking
• Writing
• Reading
• Vocabulary

The course work includes opportunities to learn Business English too, which is essential in the workplace as well as casual conversation with colleagues. Students can then use their enhanced English in the workplace at their placements and further in their careers. A good command of English is essential in furthering a career on the international market.

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