Masterclasses Ireland

We’d like to share with you our newly developed masterclasses, which are specifically designed to complement the internship program in Ireland for your students. These online classes are live and fully interactive and cover a variety of topics about Ireland. Our online courses Ireland program deals with all aspects of life, from our past, present and future, and across most areas, such as working in Ireland, the economy, culture, our successful start-ups and entrepreneurial spirit, Dublin as a global technical hub, sustainability, career options in Ireland, and much more. Through extensive research and given the change in economic and travel trends currently happening, we’ve created this new program to specifically meet your students’ needs, interests and aspirations.

The masterclasses delivered online to your students can serve as an ideal internship preparation ahead of travelling to Ireland, so they can get more familiar with most facets of life in Ireland. The program can also be delivered to your students as an internship alternative, if they should be unable to travel but still wish to take part in a unique educational experience and learn valuable insights about life in Ireland, to expand their knowledge and interests about European integration.

Masterclass Benefits

Educational Development

An opportunity to learn about the working life in Ireland, career and job advice and further self-development.

First Experience of Ireland

Discover all facets of Ireland, through our Diverse History, Rich Culture, eco-nomic & High-Tech hub in Europe.

Live & Interactive

Classes delivered online, live and in-teractively with student participation with emphasis on fun and learning.

Locally Based Facility

We are based in Dublin, in the hub of Ireland and very experienced in deal-ing with European students.

Masterclass Audience

Internship Alternative

The program has been developed especially for students who were intending or would like to do an internship in Ireland in the upcoming academic year or in the future, but are limited by travel restrictions, and may not get the chance to travel to Ireland as an internship alternative solution.

Internship Preparation

The program has also been developed so it can be delivered as part of a blended learning solution to prepare students for their impending arrival to Ireland - to stimulate their desire for experiencing an internship living and working in Ireland - and to maximize their potential.

Educational Improvement

The program is equally suitable for students in classes, who were not necessarily intending to travel abroad, but who would benefit immensely from such an experiential learning experience. It's also an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their English and self-development and confidence skills.

Facilitator Profile

Marc Larsen

Managing director & founder at Internships Ireland since 15 years, coupled with a past career in international recruitment and having managed an MBA school business in Paris, he has always had students and professionals’ interest at heart to work along side them to achieve their goals and secure life enriching experiences.

Masterclass Process


You the educational partner select the students, who will take part and benefit from the masterclasses. Students can be from the same class or from different classes and even from different programs within your academic organisation.


The online masterclasses can be delivered to all students in the same class-room, or across different classrooms at the same time, and/or even to students based at home, whichever works best for you and the students.


You select the dates that suit you best to have the masterclasses as well as the times of delivery: mornings, afternoons, even evenings for when the classes will take place.


To secure funding, please check what options are available to you like Erasmus, national and regional grants, or even local within your city/town. In addition, locally based companies, who host your students may be willing to participate.

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