Internships Ireland

Since 2008, here at Internships Ireland, we have a good track record of organising work placements in Ireland for international students with our trusted educational partners from Europe, USA and Australia. As a leading placement agency within our industry, we are delighted be working with a diverse portfolio of forward thinking host companies, who understand the value and contribution international interns bring to the table.

Our journey began over 10 years ago, where we started initially placing groups of students, and we remain committed as ever about each intern achieving the best possible outcome for their time in Ireland, hence why we take the time to speak to every person in depth before placing them with a suitable host company. Countless students have benefitted from doing an internship in Dublin and for many it was a life changing experience that inspired them to pursue international and challenging careers in their home countries and worldwide. Since then, we started offering teacher training in Ireland with the support of Erasmus, who we are grateful for to fund so many of our projects in Ireland over the years.

Our latest initiative and newest addition of services is the innovative online, live and interactive masterclasses series about working and living in Ireland, a complete discovery of the Emerald Island of Ireland.

Our Beliefs


We endeavour to be loyal to all our partners in equal measure, be it with our educational partners, interns, host companies, host families, and all other clients and suppliers, in the belief that we are in this together long-term, and not just for one project.


We are constantly challenging one another to adopt an innovative mindset, whereby we try to develop new services and better ways of doing things to enrich the experiences of our interns and partners.


We always aim to keep our promises, remain confidential at all times to respect our partner’s privacy and wishes, and to be transparent so together we resolve any issues in a respectful manner.


We believe fairness to be at the heart of most dealings between people, to ensure everyone is treated with the outmost decency regardless of the situation without prejudice.


We commit to every part of our engagements, as the quality of our service delivery and the way in which we do this, will determine our future dealing with you or partners, and we are committed to dealing with you continuously.