Host Company Partnership

Hosting an international student in your company, who do not require your expertise to add value and make a significant contribution to your activities is an excellent way to not only sustain but also to grow your business in new and existing areas.

We partner with numerous colleges around Europe seeking to place their students in interesting internships with host companies in Ireland for a mutually beneficial gain. We have many long standing relations with our partners, who send a new batch of students to Ireland each year, and the quality of their interns is usually very high as only the best and most motivated people get selected.

Most of our international interns have excellent experience, have often already worked in companies in their home country, possess a high level of English, are autonomous and eager to learn and make an impression with their Irish host company.

Intern Contribution

Language Expert

Access to native European speaker, German/French etc. to develop markets in Europe and/or in Ireland.

Future Benefits

After the internship, you may have the option to continue collaborating with your intern for future mutual gain.

Creative & Innovative Thinking

A European Intern can bring a positive energy and dynamism to your team as well as new creative ideas.

Extra Help

An extra helping hand around your business to focus on activities to help build the future of your company.

Host Company Process

Initial contact and internship definition

We have an exchange about your expectations and we discuss possible internship options with you, in terms of the responsibilities of the role, internship dates and interns available.


Before accepting your intern, you will receive their CV with corresponding internship dates, and if you so choose, you will the option to have an interview with them.

Internship, follow-up and support

We will brief you ahead of the internship start date, follow-up with you and the intern and ensure a smooth start and a mutually beneficial internship and provide support where needed

Post internship evaluation and possible new intern

At the end of the work placement, we assess the internship and the experience together and discuss possible new interns for you, if needed.

Host companies are not obliged to pay the interns and usually do not, however many companies elect to cover the cost of transport to and from work, lunch expenses and in some cases offer a small remuneration as a measure of their appreciation, maybe a voucher.

The duration of internships varies however most programs tend to last 2-8 weeks. The exact duration of the internship will be dependent upon both the student’s program and the host organisation’s requirements.

An internship is a method for host companies to take on extra people in the form of undergraduate students for a period of time free of charge. Although this is not commonly done in Ireland, many European countries have benefitted from these programs for decades. An internship placement is bringing enthusiastic young students to the front line of companies in Ireland at no extra cost while the individuals (students) gain invaluable work experience, which is an essential part of their educational requirements and development. In short; it’s a “win-win” for all!

Simply contact us to discuss your needs and specify the student profile and skills that best suit your exact requirements. We would also be very happy to discuss further with you if you have more in-depth questions. Just let us know what suits you best.