Educator Partnership

Bringing a group of people for student internship or teacher training to Ireland is an ideal setting for their experience and learnings. Packed full of an exciting mix of entertaining cultural atmosphere, easy going talkative local Irish people and a phenomenal rugged coastline with beautiful landscape, not to mention English a native language, there are countless reasons to come to Ireland. If you are a college, school, university, or another organisation in Europe or further afield seeking to place your students/participants in interesting internships in Ireland within their preferred area of study program/interest, we as a Dublin based leading internship agency can partner with you to organise everything you need to make your group project a success in Ireland.

At Internships Ireland we can help you organise all your requirements from the internships themselves, to accommodation with host families or in furnished apartments in Dublin, to airport transfers, local public transport cards, excursion and language classes, all customised for your wishes. We want your Ireland Erasmus internship not only to be an educational experience, but also an adventure that you will treasure and remember forever, and hopefully one day return to Ireland again to see more of our beautiful Island like the Wild Atlantic Way.

Educator Benefits

Save Time

We will save you time and efforts as we are able to organise the entire project in Ireland on your behalf.

Local Support & Assistance

Being based locally, we offer advice and support to assist your students where needed for every situation.

Total Turn-key Solution

We will look after all your requirements: placements, accommodation, airport transfers, local transport, excursions and language classes, etc.

Guranteed Internship

Along with our 10+years experience, we have an extensive portfolio of host companies and we will place all of your students in internships.

Erasmus Mobility Training

Erasmus+ is the EU’s leading educational support initiative to encourage and enact education, training, and innovative learnings between the EU nations, for millions of Europeans to study, train, and gain valuable experience abroad, to lead the way for a more harmonious and inter-cultural future for all of the EU.

Based in Dublin, we have 10+ years experience in organising EU supported mobility training, like Erasmus+ programs/projects for groups of all sizes in Ireland with our European educational partners for their students to benefit from working and living in Ireland.

Partnering regularly with a broad academic diversity and numerous educational establishments across the EU; in Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Spain and Italy, we always endeavour to go the extra mile, to ensure the participants complete their expectations with a suitable work placement, and leave Ireland with the intention of returning soon, to spend more time here.

As a registered internship partner affiliate with Erasmus and the EU, we can work together with you, to ensure all the necessary formalities and paperwork is carefully prepared and submitted to respect all the rules and deadlines.

Educator Process

First Contact and Define Project

Together we define your requirements for the internship areas, dates & duration, as well as other services such as accommodation, airport transfers, local transfers that you may need for your students.

Placement Process

In preparation to place your students with suitable host companies, we request their CV, and we also organise a video interview to speak with all students, to explain the process to them, and prepare them for Ireland.

Pre-start Dates Preparation

Before your students’ arrival to Ireland, together we organise all the necessary documents, and we supply you with all the required materials, such as list of host companies, accommodation details, airport transfers etc.

Internship Start and Duration

We prepare your students before their start date, where to go and who to report to. In the event of issues, we are ready and experienced to support / mediate and intervene to resolve any issues, if required.

Finish date, Evaluation and Learnings

At the end of the work placement period, together we evaluate the students’ experiences and discuss the learning for possible future internship projects in Ireland.

Ideally 3-4 month before the internship start date, but the earlier you come to us and the more time we have to organise everything, the better it is for everyone!
How to find out more?

for more information contact Internships Ireland by email or call +353 1 8395546.

EU nationals do not need a visa to come in Ireland and if you’re non-EU, you may or may not need a visa, it will depend on your country of origin.

Yes, they can! But they will need the permission of their legal guardian; typically a parent and also that of the school/college.

Currently most internships are located in Dublin, although we work with host companies across Ireland, so please let us know if you are interested in a particular town or region.

Yes, we can organise tours & excursions for your participants.

For more details, click on students FAQ below or contact us!