S. Maguire

“We feel that we have benefited greatly from working with Internships Ireland. They have provided us with internship students and given us the opportunity to train some wonderful young individuals from all over Europe, students who have come to Ireland to broaden their skills and English levels by taking part in a practical experience in our company.”

O. Kelly

“Over the past while we have been very pleased with the service and support provided by Internships Ireland. All the students who have worked with us to date have been very committed and professional. For this reason we look forward to a continued working relationship with Internships Ireland.”

F. Duff

“All the students we have worked with have been hard working and keen to learn the language and the way an Irish business operates. The standard of work, from research, admin, and customer service has always been very high from the students.”

D. Keane
Wholesale distribution

“This is the third intern that we have had through our Sales and Marketing Department over the last year and all three have been superb – eager, precise, very well presented and keen to learn and take on all tasks and responsibilities to broaden their knowledge and experience. Their work was highly valuable and we would not have achieved as much in the time frame we had, had it not been for their participation.”

P. Williams
Financial services

“Nathalie arrived with a focused mindset coupled with good business skills and a positive outlook to work, which she further developed during her internship to produce a high level of output in both quantity and quality.  Nathalie’s positive attitude and commitment to her position as an intern reverberated throughout the company and formed an example for other staff and interns.”

C. McCartan

“Henry was an unexpected surprise in terms of his contribution to the team. His energy, determination and readiness to take on any challenge presented was a credit to him and exemplary of his strong work ethic. His contribution to the day to day operations of the business can not be over emphasized.”