Start-ups & Entrepreneurship


Start-ups and Entrepreneurship


We learn why and how Ireland lead the way for start-ups & entrepreneurship in Europe coupled with state of the art career opportunities. We’ll see how famous Irish Writers, Saints and Scholars helped to put Ireland on the world map. We’ll visit Ireland’s past with Britain that lead to Independence and the troubles that followed in Northern Ireland to understand the divisions within the Island of Ireland. We’ll discuss the importance of Cultural Diversity and how People Skills are more important than ever in a Growing divisive society. Lastly, we’ll look at the Movie industry in Ireland and its superstar actors.


English: Minimum B1 level

  • Computer (*64 processor architecture)
  • Internet connection
  • Headset (alternatively loudspeaker and microphone)
  • Webcam
Start-ups and Entrepreneurship
Price: €600


  • Start-ups, entrepreneurships & career opportunities
  • Writers, saints and scholars
  • British rules, uprising & road to independence
  • N. IRL (bloody Sunday & IRA)
  • Cultural diversity & people skills
  • Movie industry