Sustainability & Career Workshop


Sustainability and Career Workshop


We focus on Ireland’s sustainability and education to help make a better world. We’ll learn about how famous Irish people made a difference. We’ll discover how the Vikings who came initially to conquer Ireland, later settled and contributed to building a “modern” Ireland. We’ll learn about Ireland’s native language, Gaelic, and discuss Ireland’s influence worldwide. We’ll have a workshop on vital tools for a successful career at home or abroad and how to develop a habit of innovative thinking. Lastly, we learn about the world’s obsession with Titanic.


English: Minimum B1 level

  • Computer (*64 processor architecture)
  • Internet connection
  • Headset (alternatively loudspeaker and microphone)
  • Webcam
Sustainability and Career Workshop
Price: €600


  • Education, sustainable & career opportunities
  • Famous Irish people
  • Vikings, English, Gaelic language
  • Ireland’s influence in world politically & culturally
  • CV, interview, job & career workshop
  • Titanic and Belfast