How to find out more ?

For more information contact Internships Ireland by email or call +353 1 8395546. You can also register your interest online now and we will contact you

How do I sign up ?

Please apply by using our online registration form or ring us for further instructions.

How much does it cost to do an internship ?

Our internships service at Internships Ireland is very affordable compared to the cost of enrolling in other educational programs and the results

What clothes do I need to bring for the placement ?

You need to bring smart formal clothes for your placement. Jeans and trainers are not allowed. You should bring a few neat,

Can my host company sack me ?

Yes, however, only in extreme circumstances would this happen and typically only in the event of gross misconduct. Internships Ireland would be

What happens if I am not happy with my internship ?

Firstly try to explain your concerns to your manager as it may be a simple question of readjusting your work responsibilities or

Can I expect an interview by the host company ?

Yes, most likely. As you are probably based outside Ireland at the time of your application, most companies opt for a telephone

What type assignments will I be given ?

This will be based on your capability to assimilate and learn new material, your level of English, and your general enthusiasm for

What kind of hours will I be working ?

We would advise you to do the same working hours as staff in the company, which is usually from 09.00- 17.30 Monday

If the work placement is not paid by the host company how can I finance my internship in Ireland ?

Trainees can ask for financial help or scholarships if they participate in an internship in Ireland. Please ask your tutor or internships