4 Modules Series


4 Modules Series


Working in Ireland – We cover and discuss different aspects of working in Ireland, as well as view… 

interesting career opportunities. We will make a tour along Ireland’s famous « wild Atlantic Way » as well as Ireland’s 4 main regions, covering the highlights. We’ll discuss famous Irish music bands such as U2 and memorable singers who have impacted Ireland’s culture. We’ll explore Ireland’s role and impact within the EU, and also discuss the principles of best business conduct. Finally we’ll uncover Ireland’s amazing pre-historic and famous landmarks in Dublin and around Ireland.

Dublin Tech Hub & Digitalisation – We discuss Dublin as European hub for Tech and US Companies

and the impact of digitalisation including the benefits and pitfalls of working remotely. We’ll cover the aspects behind “Celtic Irishness”, such as mythology, St Patrick’s day, sayings & humour and much more. We’ll learn the story of the Irish famine, and the emigration that shaped the Irish diaspora around the world. We’ll see how the “Irish pub” and its catching music became synony-mous with Irish friendliness. Lastly, we’ll discover the truth of ancient Irish sports and our love for dogs & horses.

Start-ups & Entrepreneurship – We learn why and how Ireland lead the way for start-ups

& entrepreneurship in Europe coupled with state of the art career opportunities. We’ll see how famous Irish Writers, Saints and Scholars helped to put Ireland on the world map. We’ll visit Ireland’s past with Britain that lead to Independence and the troubles that followed in Northern Ireland to understand the divisions within the Island of Ireland. We’ll discuss the importance of Cultural Diversity and how People Skills are more important than ever in a Growing divisive society. Lastly, we’ll look at the Movie industry in Ireland and its superstar actors.

Sustainability & Career Workshop – We focus on Ireland’s sustainability and education to help

make a better world. We’ll learn about how famous Irish people made a difference. We’ll discover how the Vikings who came initially to conquer Ireland, later settled and contributed to building a “modern” Ireland. We’ll learn about Ireland’s native language, Gaelic, and discuss Ireland’s influence worldwide. We’ll have a workshop on vital tools for a successful career at home or abroad and how to develop a habit of innovative thinking. Lastly, we learn about the world’s obsession with Titanic.



English: Minimum B1 level

  • Computer (*64 processor architecture)
  • Internet connection
  • Headset (alternatively loudspeaker and microphone)
  • Webcam



Working in Ireland:
Working in Ireland & career opportunities

Dublin tech hub & digitalisation:
Economy & career opportunities

Start-ups & entrepreneurship:
Start-ups/entrepreneurship & career opportunities

Sustainability & career workshop:
Education/sustainability & career opportunitie

4 Modules Series


4 Modules Series

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