Teacher mobility training in Ireland

Teachers always need to continue to learn, and what better way to that than to go to another European country to discover other and different teaching approaches, uncover a new culture, make new relationships and experience beautiful landscapes. The idea is to return home with a depth of knowledge to share with your students that cannot be found in a textbook anywhere as the best things taught are the experiences you lived yourself. 

We believe Ireland could be the tour of your life because the spirit of Ireland has the potential to captivate your mind and the memories made here will travel with you always. There are so many stories here in Ireland simply waiting to be discovered, and if coming to Ireland will be your first visit, you will want to come back again after having spent some time here.  

After your trip you will be fuelled up and inspired throughout the school year. You will transmit your experiences and knowledge that you acquired in Ireland and hopefully pass on your learnings of Ireland to your students. It will be the opportunity to challenge yourself with new teaching methods and try and become an even more inspiring teacher to capture the imagination of your students.  During your time in Ireland, you could also meet other teachers and or meet people who might end up becoming life-long friends, who knows. 

In partnering along us at Internships Ireland, we will organise the full project for your group of teachers in Ireland, it is a turnkey solution and tailormade to your requirements. As part of your program, just mention a few of many options, you could visit the beautiful city of Dublin in the morning, then go and do a beautiful excursion in the Wicklow mountains and end up at the upper lake in Glendalough in the afternoon and eat a typical Chowder (Irish food speciality) with a good Guinness! In Dublin there are unique places such as Trinity College with the famous book of Kells with the ancient library and of course the Guinness Brewery, which has become one of the most visited attractions in Europe. Outside Dublin, you can visit some great sites of natural beauty like the cliffs of Moher, Connemara, and the Giants Causeway.  You will appreciate both the dynamic and calm atmosphere that you will feel in Ireland. 

There are so many different things and places to see in Dublin and Ireland, and we are also very familiar with places off the beaten track, where less people go, which provides another angle into Irish life and culture.

The Teacher Program in Ireland, is an opportunity to see teaching from other viewpoints and take inspiration from other people so that you will have more insights to becoming a more highly skilled facilitator. Your level of English will improve and your newly found knowledge of Ireland will stay with you forever and will hopefully help both you and your students to get a deeper understanding of Ireland, an important EU fellow member, in true spirit of European exchange. Our program can be made available to you and your teachers as part of the “staff mobility programs” for teachers in the EU. This teacher training experience is a blend between the classroom, Irish culture and excursions, to ultimately teach and remind ourselves of the importance of modern day teaching to benefit a new generation of students ready to work together in Europe.