Host Companies

C. McCartan

“Henry was an unexpected surprise in terms of his contribution to the team. His energy, determination and readiness to take on any challenge presented was a credit to him and exemplary of his strong work ethic. His contribution to the day to day operations of the business can not be over emphasized.”

L. McCarthy
Manufacturing Business

“Klaus was terrific. He participated in everything. We tried to include him and of course – as with anything – it paid off. I was impressed with his level of English which was WAY better than my German (which is non-existent!). His PC skills were excellent and he was very comfortable with spreadsheets, internet etc and his manners were, of course, impeccable. He was very comfortable with all the members of staff, we were very happy to have him here with us.”

Insurance Co.

“Sophie was very friendly and hard working and fitted nicely into the office environment as well. Sophie were given a number of marketing and research assignments and performed very well in all projects and always worked with a smile.”