Why online classes are effective?

With the arrival of new technology this century, we have opened a world of new teaching methods. That is especially true for online courses, but what are the main benefits of online classes. That is the answer that we will explore and develop in this article. 

More and more companies now using webinar software to communicate remotely with their employees and between members of staff. This trend will not stop in the coming years but only accelerate most likely. Study online with software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Big Blue Button, etc. are for students a good way to learn how to use them and feel comfortable with them for future presentations. It will definitively be a strength on their resume/CV.

We all have different and preferred ways of learning and the ideal environment. Some people prefer to study in their room without any noise and others prefer to be in contact with people and with having background noise. Webinars allow us to choose our own personalised set up, with which we feel most comfortable. 

Online classes are a green solution for the environment as many students and teachers are currently obliged to be present at the learning facility. Depending on the situation of each one, the length of the commute will not be the same and the pollution emission too. However, according to a study of the Open university of Britain online courses consume 90% less energy compared to people attending classes in person on average.   

In addition, you also save time because you do not need to go to travel out and back. Regarding the study of Urban Institute, we spend on average 30 min/per day in our commute travel to School. If we have no commute to do, by car or public transport there is also money savings. 

In fact, you save money on the transports, but also on the course. Compared to the traditional face to face method, it is known that online courses are less expansive. Plus, there is an unlimited space for students in a webinar compared to a classroom. 

Today if you live outside a town, you will not have a lot of choice in terms of the courses that will be available to you. You are possibly interested in following classes that you are not located close to your home. With remote learning you can more easily find your own course on internet.  

So, as outlined, they are some benefits to study online, you save money, time, reduce your carbon emission footprint, learn something for your future job and stay in a comfortable workspace that suits you.